Programme 2020-2021

Below is a list of workshops we currently have available for booking.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us via the 'contact' page!

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You've seen it at London Dungeon, been immersed on HMS Warrior (1860) and no doubt be wowed at living museums. Now is your chance to have a go at being a Costumed Interpreter! This set of 3-4 workshops are ideal for theatre groups, youth groups or anyone who wants to learn more! Better yet, if you're a museum it can feature YOUR archives!
Why choose Historical Huzzahs? Martin is an Associate Lecture at the University of Winchester where he teaches Costumed Interpretation as well as clocking up over 3000 hours bringing history to life! 

This workshops themes are Team work, improv, script writing, history and method acting.

Costumed Interpretation
-Theatre from Awesome Artefacts!
Roman Britain

380AD and the Romans are going home! 
Billious Milfordus is at the harbour waiting for a boat to take him back to Italy. Whilst he is waiting he looks back on the Roman Empire's time in Britannia, it's highs, lows and the outright strange. 
Join Billious to hear history direct from the Roman's mouth!  

This workshops themes are Roman history and Roman food

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Life On The Ocean Waves!

It's 1805,  the Battle of Trafalgar has been won and life in the Royal Navy is good(ish). Able Seaman Albert (Bert) Williams has been granted shore leave from HMS Huzzah to find some new recruits (school children will do...). The fun and interactive workshop includes details about life on board a Royal Navy ship, object handling and learning a sea shanty! 

This workshops themes are sea, food, crime and punishment,  child-friendly gore and Georgian history.

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Dr Harold Halifax's Victorian Medicine!

The year is 1901, Queen Victoria has passed away and world is in mourning. Dr Harold Halifax reflects on how medicine and surgery has developed over the late Queen's reign. Activities include translating medicine names, matching illness to cures, and an interactive arm amputation... that's right, interactive...arm...amputation!!!

This workshops themes are science, medicinechild-friendly gore and Victorian history.

Victorian Reading (Berkshire)

The year is 1901, business in Reading is BOOMING! Join Ralph Green (RG for short) on a journey to discover why Reading is such a fantastic place and what the "3 B's" are!

This workshops themes are science, technology, art and Victorian history.

Mr Moulding's Victorian School

It is 1863, children are seen and not heard! This immersive classroom experience is strict, disciplined and fun. Students will be taught by Queen Victoria's strictest school inspector... Mr Moulding! With a stern face and tight grip on discipline he will put  audiences in their place and teach them the three 'R's, etiquette and Victorian behaviour. 

This workshops themes are role play for children, immersive education and Victorian history.

Tommy Trench Experience

This First World War workshop is hosted by a British Tommy and will immerse students into the horrors of the trenches along the Western Front. 
The workshop topics includes: the arms race, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, trench life, trench food, a hands on exploration of the Tommy's kit, and the first day of the Somme.
As with all of our workshops this comes with a handout for students to fill in as they go so by the end they will have created a detailed information pack. 

This workshops themes are The Somme, trench Life and WW1 history.

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Home Fires- In partnership with the Theatre Royal Winchester

Home Fires is a performance based on the untold stories of the women and children of Hampshire during World War Two. Bill Milford (ARP) and Mable Smith (WVS) transports audiences back to 1945 on VE Day through an immersive WVS popup tea tent. With object handling, refreshments and verbatim accounts the performance truly brings the past to the present day.

This workshops themes are rationing, Blitz, local history and WW2 history.

Home Fires- In partnership with the Theatre Royal Winchester

Home Fires is a schools workshop combines the untold stories of the women and children of Hampshire during World War 2 and the importance of propaganda on the Home Front. Bill Milford (ARP) and Ross of Ross Bros (Spiv) transports students back to 1941 at the start of the Blitz. With object handling, a Q and A and hands on 'fire safety relay' game there will be something for all to enjoy.

This workshops themes are rationing, Blitz, propaganda and WW2 history.